Not so long ago quality education was the norm and available to all children regardless of circumstance. Unfortunately, diminished efforts in providing for and supporting quality education have reduced access and opportunity for some of our best and brightest young minds. This threatens our ability to remain the most educated, productive and vibrant society on earth.At Stikerfy we have two missions:

First, to deliver exciting new and fun products based on transforming everyday items into creative, fun, and decorative stickers and art.


If you would like to contact us for any reason, you can email us yourfriends@stickerframes.com.

Second, to improve access to educational opportunities for our youth.As we grow Stikerfy into a successful business by delighting you with our creative, useful and fun products, we become able to provide financial support for both educational programs and the children who deserve and need assistance in affording these opportunities.We invite you to stay in touch for updates about the students and programs we support.

In the mean time, please enjoy our products.

Thank you from the Stikerfy team.